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Today, I’m posting a cake roll recipe I made last weekend. This recipe can serve as a holiday log as well as cake all year long! If you like citrus, this cake is for you. I decided to combine the pepter of clementine and orange to the good taste of chocolate hazelnuts. What else? And of course, I revisited the sponge cake and the spread in a light version. Does it tempt you? For the sponge cake, I did not use powdered sugar, I switched to agave syrup . The advantage of the sponge cake is that it is a super light biscuit. For my spread that you find the recipe on the blog, I did not use powdered sugar either. No butter. Instead of traditional milk or cream, I opted for soy cream . Then, I chose 70% dark chocolate pastry, agave syrup and sunflower oil. For the rest, just roasted hazelnuts 🙂 Finally for my citrus compote, I bet on the already present sugar clementines and oranges. I added a little bit of agave syrup. And instead of the gelatin leaves, I used agar agar . The result is a super light cake, greedy and fruity. Side coating, I do not give you my recipe chocolate because I was not convinced by the result. I tried a light chocolate glaze version (no sugar) and in the end, it was too thick. Not bad, but not optimal. I advise you to choose the coating of your choice: either a dark chocolate icing , or to redo citrus compote to add on top. You choose 🙂 The cake can otherwise eat without coating if you want super light! Go to the recipe and do not hesitate to give me your opinion 🙂 A recipe for low-fat sponge cake, which can be enjoyed year-round as well as for Christmas. Dessert Type of dish: Dessert : 8 personnes Servings : 8 people For the Genoise g de farine T55 100 g flour T55 cac de poudre de vanille 1/2 cac of vanilla powder jaunes d’oeuf 4 egg yolks blancs d’oeuf 4 egg whites oeuf 1 egg g de sirop d’agave 50 g of agave syrup For citrus fruit compote clémentines Corse 4 clementines Corsica oranges 2 oranges g d’agar agar 4 g agar agar g de sirop d’agave 30 g of agave syrup For the spreads g de noisettes torréfiées (ou poudre de noisettes type Jean Hervé) 150 g roasted hazelnuts (or hazelnut powder type Jean Hervé) g de chocolat pâtissier noir 70% (ici marque Kaoka achetée chez Biocoop) 200 g of black pastry chocolate 70% (here Kaoka brand bought from Biocoop) cl de crème de soja (ou autre crème ou lait végétal) 25 cl of soy cream (or other cream or vegetable milk) g de sirop d’agave 40 g of agave syrup cas d’huile de tournesol (ici achetée chez Biocoop de la marque Bio Planète) 2 cases of sunflower oil (here purchased from Biocoop Bio Planet brand) For the Genoise Separate the 4 yellows from the 4 whites in 2 different bowls. In a bowl, pour the 4 yolks and whisk with the agave syrup and the vanilla powder. Add 1 whole egg and 1 case of water (trick found on Cuineaz, recipe of Cédric Perrin). Mix well for a few minutes. In a bowl, beat the 4 whites until stiff. Add to the mixture of yolks, flour and whites delicately. Mix little by little with a spatula, ventilating the mixture well. Then pour the mixture into a special rectangular silicone mold Genoise (see photo) or parchment paper on a rectangular plate. Spread the mixture well evenly. Bake for 20 minutes. The Genoese must be golden but not overcooked. Let cool, and take off the sponge cake from the silicone dish or parchment paper carefully so that it does not stick. Book. For citrus fruit compote Squeeze the juice of 4 clementines and 2 oranges (this represents about 30cl) In a small saucepan, boil the juice and add the agave syrup. Mix. In a salad bowl, dilute the agar agar with a trickle of water. Mix. When the juice boils, remove it from the heat. Let it cool slightly and pour it into the bowl with the agar agar. Mix. Cool for a moment and place in the fridge. It will be necessary to let cool the mixture to gel. For my part, the first time I made this recipe, I left it overnight in the fridge and finished my log the next day. The second time, I was in a hurry, so I put the compote in the freezer for 1:00 (by removing it from time to time to mix). It works very well! For the House Spread If you have unroasted hazelnuts, start by spreading parchment paper on the plate of your oven. Roast for about 15 minutes and let cool. Rub them with a cloth to remove the skin. For my part, the first time, I followed this procedure. The second time, I bought some roasted hazelnuts (which already have the skin removed) so I did not roast them. You can also buy hazelnut powder in organic store (example Jean Hervé) Once the hazelnuts are ready, pass them through the mixer until you obtain a pasty substance. The oil contained in the hazelnuts makes it possible to obtain this paste. It must mix well at least 4-5min at high power. If the result is not optimal according to you, you can always remix your dough once finished. Place the dough in a bowl. Then mix the dark chocolate. Add it to the salad bowl. In a saucepan, boil the cream and add the agave syrup. Mix well. Once it’s boiling remove from heat and cover the chocolate and hazelnut paste. Mix well and cover with a lid, leave for 5 minutes. Mix again and add 2 cases of sunflower oil. Mix well. If you wish, you can remix the spread to obtain even more smooth dough. Personally, I did it with the blender diving. With this recipe you will get 2 small jars of spread. You will use almost 1 little pot for the cake, you will have more for later 🙂 For later: do not hesitate to heat the dough a few seconds in the microwave before enjoying because it will necessarily harden in the jar. Dressing the cake Now that you have all your preparations, let’s go to dressage. Start by spreading the spread on the cooled sponge cake with a spatula. Then spread over the citrus compote. Finally, come the critical moment of wrapping the cake 🙂 Roll the sponge cake carefully not to break it taking care to “tighten” and not to take out the whole compote ^^ The cake is ready! Direction the fridge to hold well before tasting. I kept it for several days in the fridge, it keeps very well! Side frosting, I do not give you my recipe light chocolate coating (the photo) because I’m not super proud, it remains to optimize. But you can make the coating of your choice: either by redoing a compote of citrus to apply on the top of the cake (that’s what I had done the first time and it’s very good), either by pouring melted dark chocolate or whatever. You choose 😉 For info, you can find my recipes and plates in preview on Instagram and Facebook , do not hesitate to follow me on the networks. 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