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Mini Muffins Chocolate Chips Lightened

I’m posting a little recipe that I improvised last weekend. They are very airy mini muffins with dark chocolate chips. I wanted a very light recipe without butter and refined sugar. If you like sweet desserts, this Mini Muffin recipe is for you! For this recipe, I did not use powdered sugar but agave syrup . I opted for SSA apple sauce for my dough. I chose 85% dark chocolate and almond milk. The result is nice if you like airy muffins like me 🙂 These mini muffins are perfect for dessert or breakfast with a good coffee or tea. Here we go for the recipe. Feel free to give me your opinion if you test this recipe. A recipe for mini muffins lightened in sugar and without butter. g de farine T55 200 g flour T55 sachet de levure (ici sans phosphate de La Patelière) 1 packet of yeast (here without phosphate La Patelière) g de chocolat noir 85% 100 g dark chocolate 85% oeuf 1 egg g de sirop d’agave 50 g of agave syrup compote de pomme SSA (soit 100g) 1 apple sauce SSA (100g) ml de lait d’amande (choisir un peu sucré) 150 ml of almond milk (choose a little sweet) In a salad bowl, pour the flour and the yeast. In another bowl, beat the egg with the agave syrup. Mix dark chocolate chips (if you want to make nuggets, you need a piping bag). You can also buy ready made nuggets. Add the chocolate chips in the flour / yeast bowl. Then add the apparatus to the egg in the salad bowl. Mix first with a spatula, then add the milk. Mix well and be careful that all flour is well incorporated. There must not be any flour left in the bowl, otherwise beware of the pieces of flour in your muffins! Pour into a silicone muffin mold 1 to 2 cases of mixture (depending on the size of your molds, do not overfill the compartments either because they will rise during cooking!) With this mix, you can make about 10/12 muffins. Put the muffins in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 °, check during cooking. The muffins must have lifted and be lightly browned but not too much! Let cool 5min before unmolding. For info, you can find my recipes and plates in preview on Instagram and Facebook , do not hesitate to follow me on the networks. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items Tartiflette Butternut à la Savoyarde ← Tartiflette Butternut Savoyard