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Tartiflette Butternut à la Savoyarde

Today, I post a traditional recipe from my home, Savoie. It may seem odd to post a tartiflette recipe on a “healthy” blog but you will understand. I asked in Instagram story type of dish my subscribers would like me to revisit in healthy version . Imagine that the tartiflette came back most often. At first, I wondered if my subscribers wanted me wrong ^^ Ask a Savoyard to revisit a healthy version of a tartiflette. It is the height not? But, I took up the challenge. I even had my revisit to my friends Savoyards who all loved! I thought they would throw stones at me for daring to touch this recipe from home ah ah ^^ Is it really possible to lighten the tartiflette? I would say yes and no ^^ We will rather say that it is possible not to weigh it unnecessarily. For information: Know that the original recipe tartiflette does not contain fresh cream . The recipe has been transformed over time. Personally, I do not like to put in my tartiflettes. After all, why add cream when reblochon is enough? Another clarification: The tartiflette, again at the origin, was cooked in a large pan . Many people cook tartiflette in a baking dish. For my part, I much prefer to cook in the pan or in a pan. This makes it possible to bind all the ingredients with reblochon. For this revisit, I could not of course remove the reblochon. Although it is one of the fatest cheese, without reblochon, no tartiflette! So I played the lightened card on the rest of the ingredients. I used butternut instead of potatoes, it is slightly less caloric (43 kcal per 100g against 73 for the potato). Instead of bacon, I cut slices of white ham (bought in the cup). Also less caloric than smoked bacon! So I did not put cream . Only onions, nutmeg, freshly ground pepper and it’s ALL. As it has been said, what explodes the counter is the reblochon calorie level … I advise you to choose a GOOD reblochon farmer at the cheese or at the cut of the supermarket. Avoid reblochons rays, it’s like raclette! Choose the right products, it makes all the difference. I hope you enjoy this recipe Tartiflette Butternut , in any case we at home, we adopted it 🙂 Do not hesitate to tell me news. A revisit of the tartiflette in less caloric version. grammes de butternut sans peau (soit environ moins d’1 petite butternut, vous pouvez congeler le reste, cela se garde très bien) 720 grams of skinless butternut (ie, less than 1 small butternut, you can freeze the rest, it keeps very well) reblochon fermier (choisissez un produit de qualité, chez le fromager ou à la coupe du supermarché) 1 farmhouse reblochon (choose a quality product, at the cheese shop or at the supermarket cutter) gros oignon ou 2 petits (soit environ 100g) 1 large onion or 2 small (about 100g) tranches de jambon blanc (là aussi choisissez du jambon de qualité chez le charcutier ou à la coupe) 4 slices of white ham (here too choose quality ham from the butcher or the cut) nutmeg pepper 5 berries Start by cutting the butternut in 2, remove the seeds. Then peel it with a good thrift. Weigh what you need for the recipe and keep the rest for later. Personally, I cut pieces and freeze them. Cut the butternut into cubes, like dice of potatoes. Book. Then mince the onion. In a frying pan or large skillet, fry the onion with a drizzle of olive oil just as it melts (at medium heat, at 6 for the induction hobs, so that it does not burn) Meanwhile, cut the ham slices into cubes. Add onion, butternut dice and mix well. Continue to return, lower the heat slightly (to 4) until the pieces of butternut become less hard. You can cover with a lid. Meanwhile, cut the reblochon in 2 lengthwise, remove the red casein pellet (it is better still to remove it) After about 5 minutes, add the ham. Add pepper and sprinkle with nutmeg. Mix well and let it come back. While cooking, check the condition of the butternut by placing a knife in it. Butternut should not become mashed potatoes, hence the importance of not cooking over high heat. When the butternut becomes softer but still firm, add the 2 pieces of reblochon on top. Let it come back for a while until the cheese begins to melt and mix. Continue to mix and sauté over medium heat for about 5 minutes. It’s ready when the cheese has melted well and is well-linked with all the ingredients. Enjoy hot with a green salad. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items