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Coconut Cheesecakes, Kaki & Kiwi: Exclusive Recipe by Loulou Cuisine Healthy

Today, I post a very special recipe because it’s not mine! But that of the winner of the Dessert Sain challenge that I organized on Instagram. But if you remember, I told you about my recipe for Tiramisu Healthy . It is the adorable blogger Loulou Cuisine Healthy who has won the challenge with much merit. With this recipe of Raw Cheesecake Coconut, Kaki & Kiwi . I had a lot of trouble separating the entries for this challenge (25 in total) because everyone really struggled. So I formed a jury asking 2 friends to help me judge the achievements. The best way to be totally objective ^^ These 25 recipes met the criteria, it was really necessary to closely study the achievements to designate a Top 3 at first. Loulou Cuisine Healthy arrived in top 3 against 2 competitors who had also proposed great achievements. I present you the podium so you can get an idea of ​​the difficulty of the task 🙂 Winner Number 3 Healthfit_challenge Tartlets – Healthy Dessert Challenge Arrived in position 3 of the podium: the achievement of Healthfit_challenge . Claire is an adorable dietician that I have been on Instagram for a while and who has already won one of my challenges. She had won the Healthy Fast Food Challenge thanks to her healthy revisiting of Fish & Chips. For this Dessert Sain Challenge, she conquered us with her creation of 3 tartlets made from granola dough . A peanut banana tart, a tartlet with light coconut panacotta and a tart with a raspberry crust. Winner Number 2 Raspberry & Coco Dome – Healthycooklife – Healthy Dessert Challenge Winner # 2 is a super talented chef named Guillaume, known as Healthycooklife on Instagram and on his site. We melted for its coconut & raspberry domes absolutely gorgeous and appetizing. With his professional photography, we really had a crush … Official Winner Cheesecakes Crus Kiwi Kaki Coco – Loulou Cuisine Healthy – Dessert Healthy Challenge Loulou Cuisine Healthy has still gained the upper hand thanks to its totally healthy and original production and its magnificent presentation. . His recipe met all the criteria . She chose an interesting combination of flavors, with seasonal fruits , healthy and natural ingredients . She also thought about a light sugar and fat recipe , at IG Bas and without gluten. Accessible to people who are allergic or sensitive to sugar. And finally … what more about the presentation? Her cheesecakes could easily land in a pastry showcase you can not find? In the end, although the 2 other competitors offered great recipes, we found that they were less original, they used less seasonal and natural products. For example, Loulou Cuisine Healthy used agar-agar instead of gelatin. She dared a less common and riskier fruit combination with persimmon and kiwi. We have therefore chosen this sublime recipe Cheesecakes Raw Kiwi Kiwi and Coco that I let you discover now. I invite you to visit the Loulou Cuisine Healthy blog. If you are a fan of pastry and sensitive to your diet, this blog is for you! And do not hesitate to tell us in comment if you test these delicious cheesecakes! For my part, it would be too soon because I have persimmon and kiwis at home 🙂 Do not forget to follow me on Instagram to be aware of the next cooking challenge and try your luck! Recipe for the Great Winner of Healthy Dessert Challenge: Loulou Cuisine Healthy Dessert Type of dish: Dessert : 5 cheesecakes Servings : 5 cheesecakes Cakes: g d’amandes en poudre 100 g ground almonds g de farine de coco bio 50 g of organic coconut flour g de flocons d’avoine sans gluten bio 50 g organic gluten-free oatmeal g de sucre de coco 20 g of coconut sugar g d’huile de coco fondu 30 g melted coconut oil g de compote de pommes ssa 100 g of applesauce ssa Cream cheese: g de carré frais 0% MG Elle&Vire 200 g fresh square 0% fat Elle & Vire g de philadelphia 11% MG 150 g of philadelphia 11% fat g de mousse de coco fondu Koro 60 g Koro melted coconut mousse g de poudre d’agave 20 g of agave powder gouttes d’arôme naturel citron 2 drops of natural lemon flavor g de noix de coco râpée 30 g grated coconut topping: ml d’eau 100 ml of water g d’agar-agar 1 g agar-agar g de poudre d’agave ou xylitol 15 g of agave powder or xylitol goutte d’arôme naturel de citron 1 drop of natural lemon flavor Cakes: In a container, put all the ingredients dry then pour the melted coconut oil, the applesauce, knead and form a paste. Weigh the dough and divide it into 5 parts of the same weight then go for them in presentation circles 8 cm in diameter, tamp well and put them in the fridge. Cream cheese: Whip the fresh squares with Philadelphia cheese and agave sugar, coconut mousse, grated coconut and the natural aroma of lemon. Do the same as for the cake dough, divide the cream into 5 equal parts and line the cream on the bottom of the cakes. Fruits: Cut the kiwis into thin slices and pass the peeled persimmons in a mandolin to obtain thin slices. Cut the slices of kiwi into wedges and place them first at the edges of the cheesecakes. Then cut in half the persimmon slices and lay them over them like flower petals while riding the kiwi quarters. Then put 2 kiwi quarters again and put in the center a khaki rose that you have formed by rolling 1 half slice of persimmon cut in 2. topping: In a saucepan, pour water, agar-agar, agave sugar, natural lemon flavor, mix. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes, remove from heat, let cool and then coat the top of the fruit. Keep cool for at least 30min before unmolding. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items