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Cake Salé Butternut, Feta, Tomate, Olives & Graines de Courge

I do not know about you, but for my part, I love salt cake. I think it’s a delicious recipe idea with a good green salad. When I do not really want to cook, I really like to get into a salty cake recipe . For nothing simpler, just mix everything in a bowl and pour into a cake mold. Baked and hop 🙂 Everything lies in the association of flavors! So I admit that for this recipe, I took a slight risk on butternut. It was the first time I used it to cook a salty cake. I did not know what rendering I was going to get. And in the end, we loved it at home! Butternut brings sweetness and mellowness to the cake. A delight. I chose to combine butternut with feta , tomato and green olives . History to stay in simplicity! For tomato, I declined two versions: a version with fresh tomato that I cut into small pieces (after having hollowed out) and another with dried tomatoes that I had marinated. Both versions are good, I have a small preference for the dried tomato version. For the crunchy side, I added squash seeds on top of the cake. I let you discover this Butternut Salty Cake Recipe which, I hope, will please you as much as we do ( Monsieur ate a cake all by himself ^^ ) Butternut is particularly melting, so this cake is more “hard” to cook in the heart than other salty cake. As I tell you in the recipe, I separated my mixture into 2 silicone molds. Why? Because I find that cooking is easier in this way, and it avoids any risk of overflow. If you pour all the mixture into 1 mold, be careful that the mixture does not reach the edge of the mold: otherwise disaster assured in the oven. And lengthen the cooking time without increasing the temperature so that the cake burns … In my recipes, I show you my procedure. I can not predict the result you will get depending on what you change 😉 A butternut salty cake recipe with a sweet and mellow texture. g de butternut 500 g of butternut g de farine T55 150 g flour T55 oeufs 3 eggs g de feta nature 140 g of feta nature olives vertes dénoyautées 12 green olives, pitted tomates séchées marinées ou 3 tomates à découper en dés (et à évider) 12 marinated dried tomatoes or 3 diced tomatoes (and to be hollowed out) sachet de levure sans phosphate (ici de La Patelière) 1 sachet of phosphate-free yeast (here from La Patelière) ml de lait d’amande (sans sucres ajoutés) 120 ml of almond milk (no added sugars) poignée de graines de courge 1 handful of pumpkin seeds nutmeg pepper salt (si vous faites mariner les tomates séchées) olive oil, thyme and lemon juice (if you marinate dried tomatoes) Before starting the recipe, I invite you to read the last paragraph of my article “Small precision that is important” thank you 🙂 Start by thoroughly cleaning the butternut by brushing under water (we will mix the butternut with the skin so it is important) Cut it into coarse pieces (with the skin). If it weighs more than 500g (which was the case with mine), keep the rest for another recipe. Cook the butternut pieces in boiling water or steam until melted. You must be able to plant a knife in the flesh. Drain and reserve, let cool slightly. Meanwhile, cut the feta into small pieces. If you opt for the marinated dried tomato version : cut about 12 marinated dried tomatoes into very small pieces. You can find them all ready in jars on the market. For my part, I made them home. For this: Simply soak sun dried tomatoes in cold water for 2-3H min. When it’s the season why not dry tomatoes yourself. Here, I used dried tomatoes sold in bags in organic stores (here Biocoop). Then, simply dry them with paper towels. I had them marinating in a bowl filled with olive oil / thyme / pepper / lemon for 1 night (at room temperature). If you opt for the fresh tomato version : cut the tomatoes into cubes and cut them out to the max. Then cut the green olives pitted into pieces. The pieces of butternut having cooled, pass them to the mixer dipping until a smooth mixture. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with nutmeg. Mix. For my part, I keep the skin of the butternut and the mix. The skin contains interesting nutrients. But free to you to remove before mixing. In a salad bowl, pour the flour and make a hole in the middle. Add the 3 eggs, the yeast, salt and pepper. Gradually add the almond milk and mix as you go. Add the butternut purée and mix well. Pour the resulting mixture into 2 silicone cake molds (it is better to unmold). Highly recommended : I personally divide the mixture into 2 molds to avoid overflow and to facilitate cooking. It’s up to you to see if you have a mold big enough to fill it completely and if you want to try cooking in a mold … If so, you will have to lengthen the cooking time without increasing the temperature to avoid risk burning the cake. Sprinkle each cake with squash seeds. Put in the oven for +/- 45 min (it depends on the power of your oven, for my part, I put it at 180 °). The cakes are ready when, when you plant the tip of a knife inside, the knife comes out intact 😉 Let cool before unmolding. To taste with a good green salad. For info, you can find my recipes and plates in preview on Instagram and Facebook , do not hesitate to follow me on the networks. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items