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Mcdo Crispy Mozza Wrap

After revisiting Mcdo’s Breaded Goat Wrap , I switch to the Crispy Mozza version. This is one of my Instagram subscribers who submitted the idea to me and I found it very good 😊 After all, some breaded mozzarella, it made me feel good 😋 As usual, we do not really know how the products are cooked … so do you do it yourself? e Wrap Crispy Mozza de Mcdo est cuisiné avec : une tortilla de blé, de la sauce tomate et origan, de « spécialité panée à base de mozzarella et tomates assaisonnées », salade, oignons préparés et frits. The list of ingredients is not at all detailed on the Mcdo website … We only know that Mcdo’s Wrap Crispy Mozza is cooked with: a wheat tortilla, tomato sauce and oregano, a “breaded specialty”. mozzarella base and seasoned tomatoes “, salad, onions prepared and fried. As for the details (especially of the mozzarella breaded design), we will go back to … I reproduce this wrap using a wheat tortilla that I find at Biocoop. For the sauce, I used tomato sauce that I seasoned with oregano , pepper and basil (frozen). To avoid heartburn, I add a teaspoon of agave syrup . We can also add a touch of soy cream to make the sauce creamy and get closer to the recipe of Wrap Italia & Crispy Mozza limited edition at Mcdo 😉 In fact this recipe is identical to the Crismy Mozza Wrap but with a creamy tomato sauce. Fried onions , nothing more simple, I mince an onion and put it in the pan. And finally, for the breaded tomato mozzarella , I cut thick slices of mozzarella in which I inserted small dice of tomato . For the seasoning, I just peppered everything. Then, I breaded the mozzarella slices with beaten egg and breadcrumbs , as for a standard breadcrumb. Side salad, I chose the lamb’s lettuce not to fall into the classic iceberg salad sachet … So we go to the recipe? A revisited Mcdo wrap with breaded mozzarella, homemade and fresh 😉 tortillas de blé 2 wheat tortillas petite tomate 1 small tomato boule de mozzarella 1 ball of mozzarella petit oignon 1 small onion oeuf 1 egg cas de coulis de tomate (ou de la sauce tomate basilic toute prête) 4 cases of tomato sauce (or basil tomato sauce) frozen basil cac de sirop d’agave 1 cup agave syrup oregano chewed up pepper (ici chapelure bio Mon Fournil) bread crumbs (here bread crumbs bio Mon Fournil) cas de crème soja ou autre crème liquide (Facultatif: pour rendre la sauce tomate onctueuse (façon Wrap Italia & Crispy Mozza) 1 case of soya cream or other liquid cream (optional: to make creamy tomato sauce (Wrap Italia & Crispy Mozza way) Start by heating the tomato sauce over low heat, seasoning it according to your wish with oregano, pepper 5 berries and basil frozen powder (depending on the season, you can use fresh for more flavor ). You can also use basil tomato sauce ready and add oregano. Add 1 case of soy cream or other liquid cream if you want to make the smooth tomato sauce of the Wrap “Italia & Crispy Mozza”. Meanwhile, wash a few leaves of lamb’s lettuce. Then cut the mozzarella into 6 thick slices. Make 4 small cuts in each washer in which you will insert small dice of tomato. Cut half of tomato and hollow out. Remove seeds and juice. Cut in small cubes. Insert small dice into slits of mozzarella slices, push in without breaking mozzarella. Season with a little pepper (salt optional). In a deep plate, break the egg and beat it. In another plate, pour breadcrumbs. Dip each piece of mozzarella in the beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs, covering the whole surface well. Be careful not to drop the tomato dice. Book. Mince the onion and fry it in a pre-oiled pan. Then pass the pieces of mozzarella in the skillet and make them bread on each side. Return the pieces well and be careful that they do not melt too much. Spread both tortillas on the work surface. Cover with tomato sauce (about 2 cases per tortilla) Add the fried minced onion. With the rest of the tomato, cut thin slices and divide between the two wraps. Place the breaded mozzarella and the lamb’s lettuce. Center the food well so that you can fold the tortilla. Close the wrap by folding both sides towards the center and folding them from below. Put a string to hold everything or put them in a special wrap. For info, you can find my recipes and plates in preview on Instagram and Facebook , do not hesitate to follow me on the networks. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items