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Tartine Figue Chèvre Miel & Noix sur Pain aux Graines

This recipe is part of my favorite meals on the go. When I do not have the time or the desire to cook, especially on Saturday noon, I love to make sandwiches. With avocado toast, this fig goat cheese recipe is definitely my favorite. Fig + honey + goat = the combo. No? Nothing complicated at all in this recipe of the day, I share it especially for the idea 😉 In the end, the most important thing is to choose quality products. I keep telling you about every recipe, but really, that makes all the difference. Bread side, I love the whole grain bread with Montignac seeds. Once grilled, it is delicious. For honey, at home, we only buy honey from Savoie produced to our home. For goat cheese , direction the cut. Nothing like a goat cheese log … And finally, for figs , nothing beats fresh figs . For this time, given that we are in November, the season has passed. So I opted for dried figs and it’s just as good. Finally, for nuts, I buy them in bulk at the organic store. A simple recipe and fast but especially essential. tranches de pain intégral aux graines ou pain complet (ici Montignac) 4 slices of wholegrain bread or wholemeal bread (here Montignac) rondelles de bûche de chèvre 8 slices of goat cheese figues fraîches ou séchées selon la saison 4 fresh or dried figs depending on the season cas de miel 1 case of honey noix 4 nuts Cut the goat slices. Cut the figs into slices. Arrange the goat slices on the bread, place on top the pieces of fig and walnuts. Add a drizzle of honey on each slice of bread. Bake for about ten minutes until the cheese melts. Enjoy with a green salad for a tasty meal on the go. For info, you can find my recipes and plates in preview on Instagram and Facebook , do not hesitate to follow me on the networks. WordPress: chargement… I like loading … Similar items